Classifications of Sexual Difficulties in Men: What You Should Know.

Young and healthy guys rarely face any problems in bed and almost never care about it. However, with the course of aging, men have to think of it more and more frequently. For a middle-aged man, having some difficulties in his sexual life are not something extraordinary or surprising. Also, such difficulties do not mean the end of a sexual “career.” Most of them can be controlled. But to know how to treat them, one needs to be aware of their causes, symptoms, and threats. Here is a brief review of the most widespread men’s sexual issues.

Problems with Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation. This is when you finish too early. This is probably the only problem, which is typical for young men rather than aged men. Moreover, it is a sort of norm at a young age. The fact is that young guys get aroused too quickly and their arousal is often too intensive. However, premature ejaculation in older men can be a medical problem. A widespread misconception is that PE is treated with Cialis from Canada or other drugs for erection maintenance. It has nothing to do with erection quality, and the treatment of PE will differ from the treatment of ED.

Retrograde ejaculation, which is sometimes called “dry” ejaculation. This is a disorder when semen during a man’s orgasm, instead of being thrown out of the urinary tract, gets into the bladder. It often occurs as a side effect of medication or surgical therapy. Men with retrograde ejaculation can be treated by altering the prescribed drug for something else or surgical correction.

Problems with Libido

A loss of interest in one’s sexual life is non-typical for young men, but it often occurs with the course of aging. The most common factors that can cause libido decreasing are:

  • lowered testosterone;
  • residual effects of some medicines;
  • stress and other psychologic issues;
  • problems with relations in a couple.

Treatment of lowered libido depends on its initial cause. If the reason is psychogenic, a couple (or one of the partners) can be offered psychotherapy or consultation by a sexologist. If the testosterone level is the cause, therapy will be focused on increasing this hormone. As for medication therapy, sex drive stimulators are usually represented by various food supplements containing aphrodisiacs and vitamins which boost the libido. Remember that drugs for erection improvement are not stimulators. If you buy, for example, Cialis, the cost of which is rather high, you won’t resolve the problem of low libido with it.

The best way to find out the reason for your problem and choose the best method for its correction is a timely consultation with a men’s doctor or sexologist.

Problems with Erection

Loss of men’s power or, in scientific terms, erectile dysfunction, also is considered to be a problem of middle-aged or aged men. It is a loss of the ability of sustaining or reaching erection that would be firm enough for performing a successful, sexual intercourse. It is caused by multiple reasons, both physiologic and psychologic. In most cases, ED is not cured but is effectively treated. The most popular and efficient drug for its symptomatic treatment is Cialis from Canada. It restores a normal penile circulation of blood, making the cavernous body of the penis fill up with blood. The effect of one standard dose of Cialis 20mg lasts as long as 36 hours, making it the number 1 drug for erection problems elimination.

Prevention of Sexual Dysfunctions

Though almost all disorders are associated mainly with an overall aging of the human organism, there are effective practices for their prevention or, at least, postponement. The best method for prevention of all types of disorders, including sexual dysfunctions, is a healthy lifestyle. Though it sounds trivial, it is actually crucial. To strengthen your men’s health and prevent the loss of men’s power and libido reduction, adhere to these simple rules:

  • do not overeat;
  • exercise regularly;
  • do not smoke;
  • have regular sex;
  • get rid of stresses;
  • get enough sleep;
  • enjoy life!

Keep in mind that it is easier to prevent any disorder than to treat it. Appreciate your health while you are young, and you will be thankful to yourself one day.