Enlarged Prostate and Erectile Dysfunction – a Double Blow with One Pill.

ED and BPH – Are They Inter-Related?

Our human organism is a complicated mechanism where all parts are connected to each other. It should be no surprise that all of our health disorders do not exist independently. If something is wrong in one part of our body, it inevitably causes problems in another area. Speaking of men’s health, two most annoying and, unfortunately, most widespread diseases are an enlarged prostate (known as benign prostatic hyperplasia) and erectile dysfunction. Moreover, they often accompany each other. Though ED can occur for many reasons, and does not always cause BPH, the latter in the majority of cases causes ED.

For many thousands of years, men from all over the world suffered from these two conditions.

Nowadays, pharmacology offers effective solutions for both disorders’ treatment. But not everyone knows that there exists a drug that treats ED and BPH at the same time. And the name of this drug is Cialis.

How is ED Treated?

The prescription for the drug is written by a urologist after a detailed examination of the patient. The dose is also determined by a specialist – commonly it is 2.5 or 5 mg of the drug in one pill. Then the treatment course is started. For a starter, you can use Cialis as a free trial from the manufacturer just to see the effects.

Tadalafil, which is contained in Cialis, works in two directions at the same time. Its main effect is inhibiting certain enzymes that prevent the smooth muscles of the blood vessels walls from relaxing. Under the effect of Cialis, the tone of the vessel is reduced. It becomes wider, and the circulation of blood improves. It is necessary to mention that Cialis and Viagra have highly selective actions. They influence the vessels in the pelvis area. So the relaxation of these vessels always causes blood inflow to the penis. This provides an improved erection.

How is BPH Treated?

Tadalafil relaxes smooth muscles not only in blood vessels but in the pelvic organs as well. In particular, it stimulates the circulation of the fluid in the prostate while letting urine out. Due to its unique properties, generic Cialis relieves the most annoying symptoms of an enlarged prostate. In particular, it normalizes flow, prevents urine obstruction, and provides timely and complete emptying of the bladder. As a result, a man feels a noticeable relief.

Advantages of Complex Treatment with Cialis

The advantages of complex ED plus BPH treatment with tadalafil are apparent:

  • You buy one drug instead of two (by the way, the price of Cialis is not low, so its multi-functionality is a perfect solution).
  • You take one drug instead of two, halving the risk of side effects and intoxication. Cialis rarely causes residual effects, so you can take it quite safely if you tolerate its components well.
  • If you start the complex therapy at an early stage of the disease’s development, you may cure both of them completely (not always).
  • After a certain period of regular drug administration (about a month), you get a steady, normal erection which doesn’t depend on the time of day and time of taking a tablet. You can just take one pill daily and stop thinking of potency problems. Many men have already appreciated such properties of the drug.

For the best results, consult a qualified urologist before you start experiencing difficulties with erection and/or urination.