Erectile Dysfunction and Drugs for High BP Treatment – Do They Correlate?

Does High BP Cause ED?

According to medical statistics, men with higher blood pressure suffer from erectile dysfunction more frequently than those with a normal BP. But does it mean that blood pressure is a cause of ED? Specialists do not draw a parallel between these two conditions. However, there is an obvious correlation between them.

Experts explain it by the following facts:

1. High blood pressure is more typical for overweight and obese men. As a rule, these men also have increased cholesterol levels in their blood and problems with blood vessels and circulation. These are risk factors for erectile dysfunction as well. It is known that most popular ED drugs like Viagra or Canadian pharmacy Cialis improve circulation selectively and slightly reduce blood pressure.

2. Aged men more frequently suffer from a high blood pressure than younger men. Erectile dysfunction is also a disorder that is more typical for men 45-50. Thus, there is no surprise that men with a high BP have a higher risk for ED. They are in one and the same age group.

3. Smokers have problems with blood pressure more frequently as well as with erectile dysfunction. Smoking impacts the state of blood vessels negatively making them less elastic, more fragile, and thinned. Moreover, it causes clots in the vessels. As we know, the quality of an erection depends on the quality of circulation. Smokers commonly have a decreased circulation.

Thus, it is clear that high BP and ED really have much in common. However, high BP itself doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction. Specialists tend to believe that both conditions are caused by similar reasons.

Do Blood Pressure Drugs Influence Erection Quality?

According to expert estimates, approximately 25 percent of erectile dysfunction cases are actually side effects of taking certain drugs. For example, drugs that can really cause problems with potency are the following:

  • thiazide and loop diuretics;
  • betablockers.

Both groups of medications are intended for blood pressure reduction. Among other things, they reduce blood flow to the genitals, so reaching erection becomes more difficult. By the way, if you take these diuretics, inform your GP before taking Cialis and Viagra.

Other groups of blood pressure medicine do not have any noticeable effect on erectile function. These drugs are the following:

  • angiotensinreceptor blockers;
  • alphablockers;
  • ACE inhibitors.

In general, if you noticed symptoms of ED after you started treatment for high BP, simply inform your specialist about it. If it is a side effect of the drug, you may ask to replace it with something else.

A Psychological Aspect

Some researchers believe that many side effects, including side effects of Cialis, have a psychologic background rather than physiologic. Let’s take as an example high blood pressure drugs and erectile dysfunction.

If a man is aware that one of the possible residual effects of this particular drug is deteriorating erectile function, he will subconsciously expect failures in bed. And sooner or later it will happen, so his fears will get a confirmation.

Men (and women) tend to feel anxiety every time they begin taking a new drug, even if a doctor says it is safe. Consequently, after the beginning of the course, they start searching for side effects and, of course, find them.


There are some myths about the correlation of BP and ED. Of course, the two conditions are often associated, but the following statements are false:

  • High BP causes ED. It is not so, but high BP and ED are frequently caused by one and the same reasons.
  • Drugs that treat high BP cause ED. Not all of them and they do not always cause erectile dysfunction. Often this is just your imagination.

Keep in mind, that if you have unstable blood pressure plus erectile dysfunction, self-medication is not safe. Consult a specialist, get a proper prescription and order the needed drug. By the way, having a proper prescription, you have a chance for getting a free Cialis coupon and trying the most-advanced drug at economical terms.