How Can a Man Reduce His Libido and Get Rid of Sex Addiction: Simple Tips.

The problem of low libido bothers many men. There is a lot of information over the Internet and offline on how to boost one’s libido. Pharmacies and retail stores carry a large assortment of supplements and drugs for male enhancement – from Cialis from Canada to Yohimbe extracts and concentrated aphrodisiacs. However, nobody speaks of the other side of the coin – a too high libido. The majority of men and women don’t even know of this problem existing. Meanwhile, it exists, and it makes a lot of men feel just uncomfortable.

What Problems Can Too High a Libido Cause?

While some men are searching for where to buy generic Cialis, others are really concerned about their permanently high libido. When a man thinks constantly about sex – it’s normal. When a man thinks solely about sex all day long, it makes it impossible for him to do anything well. This man will constantly be distracted from his work. Sexual addiction makes a man irritable and even aggressive. It makes him violate social norms and standards and even provokes such antisocial behavior models as sexual harassment and sexual abuse. Finally, it often makes men themselves feel unhappy and depressed.

Working Methods of Libido Reduction Without Meds

Thankfully, there are methods to get rid of this annoying problem without using expensive medications. Try to change your nutrition habits and lifestyle, and you will see positive changes. Many of the methods described are based on a natural decrease of testosterone, which is responsible for sexual arousal.

  • Add some soy-containing food to your everyday diet. This product contains a specific protein that decreases testosterone levels in a natural way.
  • Reduce fat consumption. Fatty food raises testosterone. In particular, this is especially true for saturated fatty acids.
  • Try food supplements, containing so-called monk’s pepper tree. As the name implies, it had been used by monks to cope with their libido. The effect of this plant is well known in traditional medicine.
  • Consider a vegetarian model of nutrition. The fact is that proteins contained in meat, dairy, and all types of animal products relate to testosterone boosters. It is proven that meat eaters have higher testosterone levels by comparison with vegetarians.
  • Devote more time to exercising. Exhausting training raises cortisol levels while reducing testosterone. Throw all your energy into sports and feel relief.
  • Don’t substitute your desire for sex with alcohol or drugs. It won’t resolve the problem while the consequences can be miserable.
  • If the above-mentioned methods do not work for you, or the problem is more serious than just an increased, sexual drive, you may need medical treatment. Today there are many advanced drugs and supplements that reduce libido. To buy the drug which suits you better than others, consult a specialist. Many effective medicines are available by prescription only, like Cialis online. The effectiveness of these drugs is usually rather high, though they can have some side effects.

Methods That Are Not Recommended

Apart from the mentioned methods that are relatively safe and reliable, there exist other ways that are not discussed by specialists because of their negative effect on health. For example, it is well known that smoking decreases all aspects of sexual performance – erection, libido, and stamina. But it has so many, negative effects on health that no man is his right mind will ever use it as therapy.

Also, one should know that reduced libido is a common side effect of some medication. For example, many antidepressants have such a property. However, it is unlikely that someone will take medicines deliberately in order to experience side effects.

Bottom Line

As you see, situations differ. While some men complain about problems with a reduced libido and search for the most effective, enhancement pills, others don’t know how to overcome a permanent, uncontrolled, sexual desire. It’s difficult to say which situation is worse, but both of them can be treated. Small deviations can be corrected with the help of dieting and herbal supplements, while more severe cases require a serious, medical therapy. Sometimes hypersexuality can even be a sign of a serious, health disorder. So don’t be shy to talk about it with a doctor.