How Does Obesity Influence the Sexual Health of Men, and is There a Way Out?

Frightening Statistics

Obesity and being overweight have become common health disorders in many, highly developed states. This is especially true for the U.S., where, according to expert estimates, over 30 percent of the total population are obese. Just imagine this figure. Literally one-third of the people suffer from extra weight and need treatment! Meanwhile, obesity is more than just extra weight, which looks unattractive. It’s a serious, health disorder, which influences all our systems. And usually, the reproductive system suffers first as the most vulnerable system.

What is the Impact of Obesity on Men’s Sexual Health?

Obesity is a disease that covers not only adults, but teenagers and even kids as well. Speaking about sexual health, we should say that the negative effect of obesity starts from an earlier age. Thus, experts believe it delays puberty in teenage boys. But this is just the beginning. Real problems start later when men are not able to perform sexual intercourse without a Cialis dosage or becoming infertile at age 30.

Obesity reduces a man’s testosterone level. You must be aware that testosterone is the most important hormone for men, which is responsible for all secondary, sexual characteristic of men, as well as for their potency, libido, and muscle strength. According to recent research, almost one obese man out of seven needs TRT, which is a very high rate.

Obesity affects erectile function in men. And this is not just because of reduced testosterone. Extra weight influences all systems and organs, including the heart and blood vessels. Also, obesity is typically associated with a higher cholesterol level. According to statistics, obese men are searching for the lowest cost for Cialis much more frequently than men with a normal BMI.

Obesity causes men’s infertility. Numerous, clinical trials and research prove that obesity in men is apparently associated with a lower semen count and an inferior quality and motility of sperm cells. Moreover, overweight men often have problems with maintaining a lower temperature of the testicles. The reason for this is the extra fat on the legs. As we know, warming up the testicles leads to a reduction of the semen count.

Obesity is associated with prostate problems, particularly, an enlarged prostate known as benign, prostate hyperplasia. Obese men are in a risk group for chronic prostatitis and prostate cancer development. BPH and prostatitis, in turn, are often accompanied with erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, modern drugs, such as Cialis 5mg, allow successful treatment of both disorders at one and the same time; however, the problem itself is not eliminated.

What is the Solution?

Obesity is a type of disorder, which to a greater extent, depends on one’s lifestyle. Consequently, in the majority of cases it can be prevented. The key rule of preventing extra body weight gain is revising nutritional habits and establishing an optimal balance between caloric intake and expenditure. A qualified, nutritional consultant can help you to schedule your optimal diet. As a general rule of thumb, people inclined to obesity are recommended to remove the consumption of high-fat and junk food and increase their portions of vegetables, fruits, and unsaturated, healthy fats.

Keep in mind that it is never too late to start managing your body weight. Being overweight means being unhealthy. Obesity is a treatable condition, and you can achieve great results even if the degree of the disorder is really severe.