How to Preserve Fertility and Sperm Quality Until Your Golden Years: Tips for Men.

What Does the Concept of Men’s Sexual Health Include?

When men speak of robust, sexual health, they usually mean a strong potency and lack of STD. However, if we replace the term “sexual health” with a synonym “reproductive health,” we’ll see that it is much broader than just sex. According to specialists, this concept involves the following aspects:

  • healthy sex drive;
  • strong erection;
  • sufficient sperm count;
  • fertility;
  • lack of sexual disorders.

What Does Men’s Fertility Depend On?

It is well known that fertility to a large extent depends on a man’s age. After the age of 40, the quality of the sperm begins to change, and chances for a successful impregnation decrease. And after the age of 50, chances for fathering a healthy child decrease even more. However, age is not the only factor that impacts fertility. There some other factors, which, unlike age, can be controlled by us.

Here they are:

  • Health specialists don’t recommend taking any meds without a true need. For example, you take a trivial Cialis 10mg just for support and don’t guess that it impacts your sperm cells. Of course, Cialis is not the worst example; but in any case, don’t take anything if you are not sure that you need it. To get comprehensive information about particular medications, consult a specialist.
  • Food and drink. Few men realize that their nutrition habits can influence their fertility and their future children’s health. It is needless to say about alcohol consumption.  Today, everyone knows that it destroys sperm cells. But eating refined foods, sugar, and a lot of saturated fats can reduce fertility as well. In fact, it is much worse than the side effects of Cialis or any other drugs.
  • Body weight. The connection can seem non-apparent, but medical statistics show that obese and overweight men are often infertile. To some extent, it is associated with more body fat on the inside of the thighs, which warms up the testicles. In addition, they have a number of other sexual problems – from low sex drive to erectile dysfunction. By the way, they buy Cialis online much more frequently than men with a normal body weight.
  • Testosterone level. Most men understand that low testosterone is bad for their sexual (and overall) health. However, none of them are aware of the fact that testosterone replacement therapy reduces their chances for fathering a child.
  • Trauma to the testicles. This is the aspect that you can’t control, but influences sperm cell production as well. Traumas of this kind are typical for professional sportsmen, for example, football players.

Is it Possible to Avoid Fertility Decreasing?

If you suspect infertility, consult your physician in order to find possible reasons for fertility decreasing. In many cases, the issue is treatable, if, of course, it is not caused by a serious trauma or other physiologic or genetic defect. Probably, you’ll have to undergo some medical tests and have your samples taken.

If you want to preserve good fertility and good-quality sperm for many years, try to abolish all risk factors that have been listed above. Of course, you may say that a healthy lifestyle is too boring for you, but, in fact, it is the only, real way to stay healthy and father a healthy child. Bad habits, unhealthy nutrition, lack of exercise, and extra weight kill or deform sperm cells, decreasing fertility and accelerating the aging processes. Specialists recommend improving your lifestyle at least a year or two before the planned impregnation.