How to Save on Buying Drugs in the U.S.: Real Working Tips for Americans.

Our health is a priceless thing, and most people clearly realize it when they face the need of paying for medical services or medicines. The American pharmaceutical industry has a number of specific features that one should consider when buying drugs.

What Difficulties Can You Face Buying Drugs in America?

The first problem with American drugstores, if compared to pharmacies of other countries, is a limited assortment of brands. Pharmacies have the right to sell only FDA-approved medicines, and this rule is regulated by federal laws. The problem is that the FDA, for the most part, only approves original brands. In other words, medicines produced by the companies which initially discovered/developed them and many generics (cheaper versions produced by Indian, Chinese, or European companies) are rarely approved.

For example, you can’t buy generic Cialis in the territory of America legally, though it is successfully sold and used everywhere in Asia and in many European states.

Another issue is the even more limited assortment of non-prescription medicines. Almost all serious drugs in America can be ordered only by a doctor’s prescription. Over-the-counter medications are only simple, essential drugs, such as headache pills or remedies for the common cold treatment. Even ordinary sleeping pills are not available OTC. Needless to say,  you won’t find Cialis from Canada on sale. In the U.S. you can obtain only the original-brand Cialis, the price for which is far from being affordable, and only by a doctor’s prescription

How to Buy Cheaper?

However, there are certain ways to reduce expenditures and buy drugs at a little lower cost. Here are some recommendations:

  • Buy from online pharmacies belonging to major, federal networks such as CVS or Walgreen’s. This is especially wise for those who need one and the same drugs on a regular basis. If it is so, you can monitor and compare prices over the Internet. Large networks often have special offers and have flexible, discount systems.  The chances are you’ll find your drug at an attractive price.
  • Ask your doctor whether you can replace the prescribed drug with a generic. Frequently, doctors prescribe standard prescriptions for expensive, original brands while their analogs are several times cheaper. If your doctor doesn’t offer you such a variant, ask for it yourself.
  • Buy abroad. It is not always possible, of course, and many, foreign countries do not accept American prescriptions. But if you often visit Asian countries, for example, why not take advantage of it and purchase OTC cheap drugs instead of Rx brands? If you don’t leave the territory of the U.S., monitor foreign, online drugstores. Many of them, for example, Canadian pharmacies, organize delivery to America. Try to make a Google search of “Cialis online Canada,” and you’ll see hundreds of offers that are much more interesting that those packages that you see in your local pharmacies.
  • Make the most of your medical insurance program. Depending on your state of health and sums that you spend on drugs monthly, it can make sense to pay a premium for some additional options to your standard insurance plan. Think about it.

The Cheapest Method

The best method of saving on drugs is not to get ill. Yes, it is that simple. Prevention is always much cheaper than treatment. Start leading a healthy lifestyle now while you are young. Start eating healthy foods.

Don’t forget about exercising. Get enough sleep and enjoy regular sex with a beloved partner – and you’ll never need these expensive, synthetic drugs. And don’t forget to visit a doctor at least once a year, even if you are absolutely healthy. Early detection and treatment shortens the time and effort spent on treatment for a disorder.