Life with Erectile Dysfunction: How to Live Fulfilled and Enjoy Every New Day!

Some people mistakenly think that erectile dysfunction strikes only aged or ill men. In fact, this is a very dubious condition that anyone can face. According to official statistics, at least 50 percent of adult Americans have problems with potency. And unofficial statistics are even more impressive, as many men do not apply for medical help. They just order generic Cialis online and are quite happy with it. Experts say that over 60 percent of men over 40 experience regular difficulties with reaching or maintaining erection at a proper level.

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Occur?

ED can be caused by multiply causes, both physiologic and psychologic.

Here are only some of them; in reality the list is much more extensive:

  • problems with vessels or disturbed circulation of the blood (atherosclerosis, high levels of “bad” cholesterol, all types of heart disorders, increased blood pressure and so on);
  • obesity, overweight;
  • low testosterone (influences not only erection, but sexual desire, stamina, and many other aspects of men’s health);
  • chronic disorders;
  • prostatitis & enlarged prostate;
  • psychologic problems and complexes, unsuccessful sexual experience, fear of sex, lack of self-confidence;
  • STD;
  • … and many others

As you see, actually no one is 100 percent secure from this men’s disaster. However, there’s no reason for depression. Is there life after an ED diagnosis? Yes, there is! However, there are some nuances to consider.

Is It Treatable?

In the past, erectile dysfunction (previously known as impotence) was an untreatable condition. However, modern achievements of medical science have changed the situation. Unfortunately, ED is rarely cured completely (though such a possibility also exists – everything depends on its cause and severity of symptoms). However, an effective, symptomatic treatment is possible in 90+ percent of cases. Today, every man knows of Viagra and Cialis, which are safe and effective medicines for eliminating symptoms of sexual weakness.

If You Were Given This Terrible Diagnosis…

First of all, it’s important that you’ve pulled yourself together and visited a doctor, as self-medication can worsen the problem. Now it’s time to start a new life. First of all, ask your doctor about all the possible outcomes; if necessary, undergo a medical examination to discover the particular reason for the disorder. By the way, the earlier you come to a doctor, the better, because if the disorder hasn’t developed yet, you have a chance to cure it completely. There is even a special option Cialis 5mg – that is used for protracted treatment. It is also prescribed for the treatment with BPH, which is often diagnosed together with ED. Along with it, you’ll probably have to modify your lifestyle – quit bad habits, lose weight, or fulfill other doctor’s recommendations.

If your doctor said to you that your case is incurable, it is still not a reason for panic. You’ll probably be prescribed Cialis 20mg. This is a safe and effective med, which is administered when needed (before sex), providing a strong, natural erection for the whole 36 hours. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have an erection throughout these 36 hours, no. The erection will occur only if you get an adequate sexual stimulation. This is the biggest advantage of such treatment – erection in response to natural triggers.
At the beginning of the treatment program, you can save some funds if you order a Cialis 30-day free trial from the manufacturer. Within the process of time, when you get accustomed to tadalafil (the component of Cialis), you can switch to cheaper options, such as generic Cialis, which has a similar effect. So, you even don’t have to spend a fortune on the treatment.

As you see, even if you really have erectile dysfunction, there is nothing to worry about. Of course, you should try to eliminate the initial reason, but even if it is impossible, with modern drugs you’ll be able to lead a normal, sexual life and continue enjoying sex as often as you wish.