Male Frigidity – Definition, Causes and Methods of Fast Treatment!

The term “frigidity” is often referred to a low sex drive in women. However, some people apply this term to men having the similar disorder. Male frigidity is the complete or almost complete lack of sexual desire, dissatisfaction with the sexual life, despite the sufficient activity and tenderness of a wife (a partner), as well as the low ability to experience orgasms during intercourse.

The Main Causes of Male Frigidity

The main cause of this disorder is stress triggered by such factors as overwork and negative communication experience with people, especially with women. These days, stresses occur against the background of our pressurized lifestyle. For a man to achieve success at work, it is necessary to meet the new requirements set by the information revolution and technological progress. Computers, high technologies, the need to keep up with automation, high mental loads – these factors are the specificity of the work of modern men. His nervous system is subjected to such monstrous loads that positive, emotional events (including sex) are tiresome for him. As a result, the only desire of a man is to get emotions through watching TV and having dinner.

Emancipation and Male Frigidity

Even with a full erection, there is no desire to realize its potential fully, and the sexual act is performed mechanically as a tedious duty. These are the early, subjective symptoms of coldness. The objective symptoms include less vivid sensations in coitus, the disappearance of a normal erection within 5 minutes after the onset of coition, a rare onset of orgasm. The man is inclined to explain the decrease in libido by fatigue, a stressful day, the need to get enough sleep before work, and other factors that contribute to the progression of frigidity, although they do not form the basis of the problem. Among the most important consequences of frigidity, there is sexual disharmony, which leads to an increase in nervousness in relations with the spouse, a hormonal imbalance due to lack of sex, a decrease in stress resistance due to the reduced amount of endorphins and serotonin in the blood. Also, it can cause a decrease in muscle tone, and testosterone production (testosterone is a hormone, which determines masculine traits, working capacity, etc.).

Diagnosis and Treatment of the Disorder

The diagnosis of frigidity, as well as its treatment, is conducted by a professional, sex therapist. The mode of physical activity is chosen by the doctor purely individually. Someone may need passive rest, including sleep, and someone may suffer from physical inactivity. If there are no contraindications, then it can be useful to take herbal stimulants, which increase the overall tone, normalize potency, and positively influence the male libido. Medications for improving erection, such as Cialis 20mg (which is often available in the free trial mode) should be prescribed only if there is erectile dysfunction.