Proven Methods for Enhancing Sexual Power & Endurance in Men Naturally!

Everyone needs good, sexual relations. Of course, this can be a difficult task if a man suffers from a low level of libido. Fortunately, there are many methods that will help a man improve sexual strength and endurance. This can be done quite naturally, without the use of medications.

Method Number One – Increasing Testosterone Levels in the Body

You can increase testosterone in the body in the following ways:

1. Enrichment of the Diet with products responsible for the level of testosterone in the body. These products include seafood, nuts, fish, olive oil, bran bread, citrus, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. It is also necessary to consume a large number of foods rich in proteins.

2. Consuming a Sufficient Amount of Ordinary, Clean Water. The human body consists of about 65% water. Water is involved in all metabolic processes and is simply necessary for the functioning of your body.

3. Weight Normalization. The higher one’s weight, the less testosterone is in the body. This hormone is responsible for a man’s sex drive. Testosterone is also required for normal metabolism.

4. Doing Sports. A man is recommended to perform weight training and cardio workouts several times a week. But you cannot overload the body as excessive exercise can adversely affect the immune system and enhance catabolic processes in the body (the disintegration of muscles and other tissues). Everything should be in moderation.

5. Eliminate Bad Habits. Alcohol has a very bad effect on the body. It depresses the natural production of testosterone, poisons the brain, and adversely affects the cardiovascular system. Of course, you can drink alcohol, but in small quantities (for example, a couple of glasses of whiskey or a few glasses of wine a day).

6. Correct and Healthy Sleep. A healthy sleep should last from seven to eight hours and must pass in total darkness and silence, especially if the human, nervous system is sensitive to such irritants as light and sound. If you do heavy workouts, the time you need for sleep can increase to 9-10 hours. So try to get enough sleep. If you cannot sleep the necessary norm at night, you can take a half an hour nap in the afternoon (if possible).

Method Number Two – Activation of Sexual Activity

Sexual activity has many advantages. Thanks to it a man’s body enhances the production of testosterone hormones, which in turn increase sexual desire, raise the blood level of adrenaline, stimulate blood circulation, increase the heart rate. Also, during sexual activity in the body, the level of the hormone endorphin rises. Endorphin provides a feeling of ecstasy and euphoria. It is this hormone that brings a sense of orgasm. Sexual activity helps strengthen the immune system. If you maintain sexual activity at a good level, then the body will produce antibodies. These antibodies, in turn, help to fight many diseases and infections. It has been scientifically proven that in people who are engaged in regular sex, the production of antibodies is 30% higher than in those who do not have an active, sex life.

Sexual activity prevents the development of heart diseases. During sexual activity, the adrenal glands, which are located above the kidneys, contribute to the production of a large amount of adrenaline. Adrenaline increases the heart rate and improves blood circulation.

Method Number Three – Minimization of Stresses

Long-term stress is very harmful for the overall health condition. It can cause a variety of diseases. It also badly affects the sexual attraction of men: it just suppresses it. A man who constantly experiences stress can eventually lose all interest in women. Therefore, you need to avoid stress or minimize its impact. You can use the following recommendations:

1. After strong stress, you need to let off steam. For example, you can scream a lot, but it’s better to do it alone where there’s no one nearby.

2. Respiratory gymnastics. It helps to relieve stress by inhaling evenly through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Method Number Four – Consumption of Natural Aphrodisiacs

Natural aphrodisiacs are foods that contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Such products improve the metabolism and promote increased sexual activity. They also have a positive effect on the production of sperm.

Aphrodisiacs are found in the following plant foods:
1) seeds of pumpkin and sunflower;
2) the root of ginseng;
3) the root of ginger;
4) St. John’s wort;
5) Ginkgo biloba.

Some websites offer natural supplements on the basis of the mentioned herbs. You can even find free trial versions of these supplements.

In addition, since ancient times, people have used spices that contain a large number of aphrodisiacs. It is enough to pour a small amount of them into food. The list of these spices includes anise, natural vanilla, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, and saffron.

Can ED Medications Help to Increase Libido?

Many people think that ED medications will help them to increase libido. Therefore, they are trying to choose between Cialis vs. Viagra and other meds. However, in fact, these drugs are not intended to increase libido. They only strengthen the natural mechanisms of erection.