Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction – Causes, Types, and Treatment Methods!

A man feels himself an actual man until he has a good erection and is able to prove to himself that he owns it. The most terrible, unbelievable, and insulting thing that can happen to him and what he is constantly afraid of is the inability to complete sexual intercourse. ED (erectile dysfunction) is a huge, shock wave for a man that can be larger than an accusation of callousness, lies, theft, treason, and betrayal.

Psychogenic ED and Organic ED

Doctors say that ED, as a kind of sexual dysfunction, is rarely a primary disease. Etiology of ED is the most diverse, but at the young age, it is more often psychogenic (for example, the neurosis of failure expectation). In men over 35-40, diseases of the urogenital area and other health disorders are the main causes of erectile problems.

Causes of Psychogenic Impotence – Main Types

All the psychogenic causes of ED may be divided into several groups:

  • situational factors;
  • traumatic experiences;
  • problems of the sexual partnership;
  • psychological characteristics of men;
  • mental states and mental disorders.

A competent identification of the ED causes is a guarantee of qualitative therapy of this functional disorder which contributes to effective, psychological care.

Detailed Description of Several Psychogenic ED Causes

ED of a psychogenic nature with increased sexual excitability and premature ejaculation is most typical for atypical, depressive states with a predominance of fear and anxiety. It is known that too intense preparation for sexual intercourse with preliminary erotic representations can result in a kind of “psychological coitus,” preceded by actual sex. However, after the first touch of the woman, the man has a corresponding, negative reflex (inability to achieve an erection). All kinds of fear, which ultimately cause the fear of sex, contribute to the accelerated flow of reflex processes of erection and ejaculation. Growing from failure to failure fixation on premature ejaculation (like the neurosis of expectation with an increasingly lower mood in anticipation of another “failure”), brings these men to the point that sometimes as soon as a man thinks at the beginning of a sexual act about the possibility of premature ejaculation, it occurs immediately.

The fear of failure is of special importance for the development of ED of a psychogenic nature. This is a clinical illustration of the high ability of the human body to psychosomatic switching with the immediate transformation of the expected phenomenon into an actual one. The belief in helplessness produces helplessness, and the fear of sexual impotence can be so great that an erection does not arise at all. The more such a person “strives to be strong,” the stronger are the signs of psychological erectile dysfunction. Pathological or even just excessive fixation of attention on a sexual act means a loss of automatism, which ensures the ease of performing a sexual function. It has long been known that if our attention is always focused on our steps, we would not walk as it should be.

Methods of Treatment

Psychotherapeutic and psychological methods of treating psychological erectile dysfunction are the main ones in the practice of sexologists. The main sign that the prognosis of treatment is positive is the presence of a spontaneous erection in the mornings in a man suffering from ED. This fact, recorded by a male himself, or his partner, is the sign of successful therapy in the future.

Each specialist uses in his practice those methods and forms of work that give the most effective result. Most types of ED are susceptible to psychotherapy, but most often this treatment is a long-term process in which a sexologist, a man who seeks help, and his partner take part.

Medical assistance to men who apply for psychological counseling is performed in a strictly differentiated way. In many cases, in accordance with the form of the sexual disorder, some medications are widely used. These may be tranquilizers, sedatives, tonic, and restorative drugs.

The most effective are modern preparations of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (such as Viagra and Cialis), which for almost 20 years (Viagra was firstly available in 1998) have been the best way to help patients suffering from psychological ED. These drugs are used in conjunction with psychological treatment. They improve the natural mechanisms of erection by inhibiting the enzyme called PDE5.

Due to this, the penis receives more blood. Therefore, the man gets self-confidence, and the medication provides him with psychological protection. After the man regains his own mechanisms of protection against stress factors, taking the medicine can be canceled. It is important to note that samples of some PDE5 inhibitors can be found completely without charge, for example, free Cialis. Some pharmacies provide such unique offers to attract more customers.

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