Sex and Its Health Benefits for Men and Women: Is It More than Pleasure?

Sex is a physical need of living beings. It is a means of creating future generations. But for humans, sex is something more than just the call of nature. It is a powerful tool for resolving many psychological and mental problems; it has a strong, therapeutic effect. No wonder that people from all corners of the world are searching for ways to make their sexual life brighter and more diverse, and men want to stay sexually active for as long as possible. Moreover, men facing erectile dysfunction or other sex problems with the course of aging do not reconcile themselves to their lot. They try to find a way out, get Viagra or Cialis coupons, and continue their sexual life. Here are five, major, health benefits of sex.

Relieving Pain and Reducing Stress

Researchers from Princeton in the course of a series of experiments with rats found out that the couples that regularly had sex show less anxiety. It is explained by the fact that sexual activity stimulates the development of new cells in the area of the hypothalamus in the brain. This area is responsible for control over anxiety. As for pain relief, it happens due to the action of endorphins, which are actively produced during sexual intercourse. Some researchers even recommend sex as a tool for relief of spasms caused by headache or menstruation.

Strengthening Partners’ Feelings Towards Each Other

The so called “hormone of love” – oxytocin is actively produced during orgasm. When partners get orgasm at the same time, it really brings them together, making them feel love and tenderness for each other. On the other hand, if the sexual life of a couple is far from satisfying, chances are they will break up one day despite their mutual respect. That is why men don’t refuse interaction for a sexual life even after they have faced certain difficulties, but order Cialis’ free trial to stay sexually active.

Full Reset of the Body

Sex is a very intensive activity. Sexual arousal raises blood pressure, increases the heartbeat, makes all the muscles tense, and intensifies blood circulation. Climax is followed by a deep relaxation of the entire body. This is a good reset, which has a rejuvenating effect. Regular sex will give you not only shining eyes but silky skin and thick hair.

Training of the Cardiac Muscle and Immune System

Just imagine that your heartbeat rate doubles during sex. It’s a perfect training which allows the enhanced stamina of the heart. It’s like doing aerobic exercises. Moreover, researchers believe that people leading an active, sexual life have a stronger immune system.

Weight Control

Sex helps to burn calories, and this is a fact. Every time you engage in sex, you burn from 100 to 250 calories, depending on the intensity and length of the intercourse as well as from a sexual position. It is a good addition to your overall activity.

Finally, sex makes people happier. Happy people are always healthier; they live longer, and enjoy life deeper. Regular sex prevents an array of diseases – from erectile dysfunction to some kinds of cancer. Engage in sex, enjoy it, and never think about how to buy Cialis online. Just be healthy.