Sexual Abstinence: Its Influence on Health and Important Tips for Men.

The majority of men living on our planet want to be sexually active; they really enjoy sex and can’t imagine their lives without this delightful pursuit. However, there are some categories of men who consciously choose life without sex or have to abstain from it for some reason (e.g. religious commitment, physical defects, or disability). How do they cope with this abstinence, and what are the risks associated with such a life mode? Let’s review the main advantages and disadvantages of complete, sexual abstinence.

Advantages of Sexual Abstinence

Yes, though to most men the idea of sexual abstinence seems at least strange, others feel perfectly fine with it and even find some benefits in this chosen lifestyle. While some men are concerned about the price of Cialis and think how to enhance sexual performance cheaper, these guys live their lives and don’t care about sex. Other advantages of sexual abstinence are the following:

  • This is the only 100 percent protection from undesired pregnancy.
  • This is the only guaranteed method of STD prevention.
  • You’ll never experience a sexual failure, and you’ll never need to search for a Cialis coupon. You won’t even know what it is.
  • You can devote your life to religion, art, or any other matter, and nothing will distract you.
  • You can be on friendly terms with women or build business relationships with them without any obstacles in the form of possible, sexual abuse or harassment.

However, in fact, few men can appreciate all the benefits of sexual abstinence. For a healthy man, such a lifestyle has a lot of disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Sexual Abstinence

  • Numerous benefits regarding sex for health have been proven scientifically. It is not a secret that sex helps us to cope with stress and depression, relieve pain, and even lose weight. The need for regular sex is absolutely natural for a human being. Men living an intensive, sexual life report they have a higher level of satisfaction with life; they get ill less frequently, and live longer.
  • Abstaining from sex, you’ll hardly ever find a partner or build a permanent relationship with a woman. This is why sex makes partners really close to each other. Without sex, you can just be friends, no more. However, if solitude is what you are looking for, then you can feel comfortable about it.
  • You have to fight with your own libido, especially while you are young. A permanent suppression of the sex drive can result in bursts of aggression, stress, depression, and other deviations. Men who have to abstain from sex often have sleep disorders, and they are easier to become addicted to masturbation and porn movies.
  • A lack of sex can impact your testosterone level, which, in turn, results in other health disorders.
  • Finally, choosing sexual abstinence, you are missing a very delightful, bright, and emotional part of your life.

Basic Recommendations to Men, Who Have to Cope with the Side Effects of Abstinence

If for some reason you have to abstain from sex, and you feel not very comfortable about it, try to follow these basic recommendations to relieve adverse effects. First of all, try to change your daily diet. Refrain from foods that raise testosterone levels (nuts, red meat, celery, oysters and some others). Instead, look for supplements containing ingredients that reduce testosterone levels. Lowering this hormone content in the blood, you’ll manage to relax your sex drive.

Exercise harder. When you spend more energy in sports activities, your sex drive tends to reduce. Moreover, sports are a good way to relieve stress instead of sex.

If you are religious, devote more time to spiritual activities or prayer. It helps you to feel better and overcome unnecessary desires.

If I Want to Cease Sexual Abstinence…

It happens that one day a man who had abstained from sex for a long period of time decides to terminate his abstinence. Some men make it through quite easily, while others can experience certain problems. It depends on their age, duration of abstinence, and some other variables. If you have fear of failure after a long period of abstinence, take a pill of inexpensive Canadian pharmacy Cialis for support. It will help you to maintain an erection mildly and reliably. This drug doesn’t cause addiction. And if you have no real problems with erection dysfunction in the future, you can do without it.

However, you should keep in mind that our sexual system, like all the other systems and organs, needs regular training. If it is not used, or is used  rarely, its functioning will gradually decline. That is why after some years of sexual abstinence even a young and healthy guy can face certain difficulties.

Apparently, sexual abstinence has more cons than pros. But it’s for you to decide what mode of life you will choose.