Sexual Health of Men After 50: How Does One’s Intimate Life Change?

Young people tend to believe that men and women over 50 do not have sexual intercourse, and if they do, their sexual life is boring and monotonous. Nothing of the kind! However, of course, one’s sexual life at 50 differs from that at 25 qualitatively and quantitatively. What do these changes include? Read further.

Changes in the Sexual Life of Men During the Course of Aging

  • The quality of sex becomes more important than its frequency. No, men at 50 (and older) do not lose interest in sex completely, as some people think. But they are concerned more about the emotional side of sexual intercourse than purely the physiological. Even if there are some problems with physiology (for example, erection), it doesn’t stop loving couples from sharing delight in each other. Moreover, today it’s so simple to buy Cialis online and enjoy a good erection at any age. But achieving an erection is not the most important issue.
  • Men need more time to get aroused and more time to restore their ability of getting aroused again after ejaculation. Sometimes, the period of restoration can last for several hours. But it doesn’t reduce the quality of sex – quite the contrary. Partners have more time for foreplay, and both men and women say that they enjoy it even more than at the age of 30.
  • The attitude about sex also changes. Partners become more open towards each other, they speak more freely of their dreams and desires. One more important factor is that at the age of 50+ most people are not afraid of an unwanted pregnancy and don’t care much about contraception. This lets them become even closer to one another. In general, men and women of this age report feeling less reserved and freer than before.

Possible Problems of Men after Fifty

As we see, one’s sexual life doesn’t end at the age of 45 or 55. However, even if a man is completely satisfied with his intimate life, sometimes he can face some problems that are associated with physiological aging of the human organism.

Problem 1. Erectile dysfunction. Some men can preserve a healthy, erectile function till their senior days, but the number of such men is relatively small. Few of us are absolutely healthy, and ED touches upon the majority of men one day. In general, it is easily resolved with the help of modern drugs, but the problem is that Cialis’ cost is far from being affordable. Newcomers have an opportunity of using a special offer from the manufacturer, such as the Cialis
30-day free trial. But after that they will be required to spend significant amounts of money to continue the treatment.  ED medicines are not covered with any insurance programs.

Problem 2. Low testosterone. The natural testosterone decrease usually starts after the age of 30, and by the age of 50, men often have a lowered content of this essential hormone. It is responsible not just for erection but also for sex drive, overall energy level, and muscle tone. Unfortunately, even a Cialis coupon doesn’t resolve the problem of low testosterone. However, this problem is also not untreatable.  All you need to do is to consult a specialist promptly.

Problem 3. Low sperm count. Of course, this problem affects mostly those men who want to father a child at this age. Low sperm count means a a deterioration of sperm quality, but it doesn’t influence men’s ability of participating in sex and experiencing orgasms.

What to Do to Stay Sexually Healthy After 50?

No doubt, all the men would prefer to preserve robust health for as long as possible, and sexual health is not an exception. However, men usually start thinking of it when it’s too late – when they start experiencing their first difficulties. Really, few men care about their future health issues at 20, when  life seems endless. But it’s never too late to begin to turn things around. If you feel that something is wrong in your intimate life, you may try to do the following (of course, apart from visiting a doctor):

  • Lose weight. Being overweight causes numerous health problem, including sexual weakness, passivity, heart problems and many, many others.
  • Incorporate some exercise. Don’t sit still. Any activity is good, so you can choose whatever you like – from dancing to yoga.
  • Say good-bye to smoking. It is even worse than overeating. Smoking influences blood vessels significantly, which, in turn, always causes erection problems.
  • Regularity is the key. Let your sexual life be not very intensive, but it should be regular. Choose your own pace that you are comfortable with and adhere to it. Once a week? Good! Once in ten days? Good also!

Being 50 years old is not the end of life. It’s a golden period of life for loving and caring couples. Nothing distracts you from the most important thing in the world – loving each other. Your only task is to maintain the good health of your body.