The Whole Truth about Male Enhancement: Is Self-Medication a Good Idea?

What is Male Enhancement?

The words “male enhancement” for many people sound like something incredibly masculine and sexy. These associations are mostly caused by aggressive ads that pop up wherever we go on the internet. Images with half-naked athletes with rippling muscles kissing with sexy girls make us believe that male enhancement is something that raises men’s sexuality, makes a man stronger, healthier and more passionate. And what do medical specialists say about it?

In fact, in the official medicine, there is no such a term as a male enhancement. It is a modern euphemism with an ambiguous meaning. Commonly, it used to describe the improvement of men’s sexual capabilities, in particular, their following aspects:

  • libido also known as sex drive;
  • erection also known as sex power;
  • penis size.

Consequently, the term “male enhancement pills” or “sex pills” can cover a multitude of sins – from generic Cialis to herbal aphrodisiacs. Sometimes it is quite difficult not to get lost in all this without professional help. You need to understand clearly what you need and why.

Libido Enhancement Pills for Men

You may need these pills if you experience problems with getting sexually aroused or have a low sex drive, while there are no problems with erectile function. However, be cautious, if your symptoms are accompanied with an overall low energy, changes in mood, irritability, sleep disorders and loss of appetite, visit a doctor before taking any pills. Also, you are recommended to check testosterone level.

Libido enhancement pills usually consist of herbal extracts and micronutrients that are related to aphrodisiacs. They influence sexual desire and make sexual sensations more acute and brighter.

Natural aphrodisiacs are equated with food supplements, not drugs, so in most cases, they are available for sale online and offline over the counter. Be sure that you are buying certified supplements of high quality and avoid counterfeit pills.

Erection Enhancement Pills

Speaking about erection pills, we usually mean Cialis and viagra as well as their analogs. According to American inner laws, all these drugs (yes, they are drugs, not supplements) can be ordered only by a prescription. In other words, to get it, you need to have a confirmed diagnosis of erectile dysfunction and a valid prescription written off by an American practitioner.

However, browsing websites, we often see an advertisement that offers to buy Canadian pharmacy Cialis without a prescription. Of course, you can try it at your own risk, but keep in mind that:

  • the drug has some side effects;
  • you are risking to fall across swindlers and buy fake pills.

A general recommendation for any man, who wants to improve erection, is very simple. If you experience real problems with potency, visit a specialist and get a proper prescription. It may be a symptom of a serious health disorder. If you have no serious problems, don’t take drugs – they won’t make erection better. Try certified supplements or just modify your diet.

Penis Size Enhancement Pills

There are a lot of myths around the topic of penis growth. Men from all over the world are repeatedly trying to make their sexual organ physically bigger by taking oral drugs. In fact, of course, pills can’t change the size of an adult man’s penis. But some of them can improve pelvic circulation, boosting blood supply of the penis. As a result, erection is firmer, and penis looks bigger and feels harder. Mechanism of action of these pills is close to the mechanism of actions of meds of the previous group.

Other methods of penis size enhancement include stretching with special devices (such as pumps) and surgery. Both methods let make penis really bigger, but they are prescribed to a limited amount of men by a specialist only.

The Whole Truth about Male Enhancement

Beware of Counterfeit and Fake Pills

If you anyway decided to try enhancement pills without doctor’s prescription, be cautious, especially when browsing online. Frequently, dishonest retailers sell counterfeit or simply fake tabs instead of real supplements. Try to buy only certified remedies, especially those that are sold over the counter. If you are not sure of certification, but still want to try a remedy, at least read customer reviews and look for any information on the internet before its buying. Keep in mind that at best, these fake tabs are useless. At worst, they can cause a serious damage to your health.

Real male enhancement begins not from pills, but from a lifestyle. Regular training, healthy dieting, quitting bad habits and lack of stresses boost sexuality much better than the most expensive pills. If you really want to be and to feel masculine, care of your health and check testosterone level at least once a year. Then you’ll never experience the need for artificial enhancement.