Top Cardio Exercises for Men Over 65 for Male Health Support

The Role of Cardio Exercises in Men’s Health Maintenance

As we know, a healthy lifestyle is impossible without exercising. Adequate, physical loads positively influence all aspects of health, including men’s sexual health. It’s not a secret that in the course of aging, most men start experiencing certain difficulties in their intimate life. One of the typical problems is erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, today it can be successfully treated with drugs like Cialis and Viagra, but in many cases it can be prevented. To a large extent erection quality depends on the quality of blood circulation and the state of the blood vessels. Cardio exercises help to maintain the entire, cardiovascular system in a good state and improve circulation.

Top Cardio Exercises for Men

Intensive, cardio exercises are not recommended for senior men with an average level of fitness as they can affect the heart and cause undesired, negative effects. If you are not a professional athlete, exercises with a moderate level of intensity will be appropriate for you.

What are They?

  • The simplest exercise that is available to everybody is walking. Choose the pace that is comfortable for you and walk as long as you want. You can start with smaller distances if you quickly get short of breath. Don’t focus on the distance or speed of walking – just walk and enjoy it. Such a pursuit will have a great, positive effect on your overall health and sexual health in particular.
  • Nordic walking. This is a more intense variant of traditional walking. Ski poles that are used during such walking help a man to apply more force with every step. This exercise helps to train more muscle groups including the dorsi muscle, triceps, biceps, shoulder, abdominals, spinal, and other important muscles that can cause an increase in the heart rate. It improves blood circulation and abolishes the need for searching for Cialis for sale.
  • This is a great activity for people of all ages. It will be appreciated by senior men who have problems with their joints which prevents them from walking or jogging. Slow, recreational swimming excludes any load on the joints and helps to relax and train at the same time. If you need a higher intensity, you can try lap swimming or water aerobics. But don’t try to set a world’s record. Just swim at a comfortable pace. Regular swimming improves stamina, makes your body stronger, and has a great, positive effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • This type of exercising is slightly more intensive, and it is recommended for those senior citizens that have no health problems. It increases one’s heart rate, trains the cardiovascular system, and positively influences stamina.

More advanced athletes can also try some other activities, such as jogging, skiing, or elliptical machines in a gym. But don’t try everything at once. Your aim is not to gain muscle mass or something like this but to keep fit. All of these activities are great ways to maintain overall health and sex health. And they are much better than swallowing pills and thinking of possible Cialis side effects.

How Much is it Necessary to Train?

No matter what type of training you will choose, regularity is crucial. You don’t need to become exhausted during training or train for hours. There are no strict recommendations regarding the duration of one session. But there are general, weekly recommendations developed by specialists.

The recommended amount of time for exercising is about 150 minutes a week if you choose low-intensity activities, such as walking or recreational swimming. Those who prefer high-intensity activities – cycling, skiing, and so on can cut this time by half – 75 minutes per week. You can divide the total time into 3, 4, or 5 as you prefer. For example, you can train 3 days in a week, 50 minutes a day, and get 150 minutes as a total.